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Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a fencing contractor to install your fence in the Maitland, Greater Newcastle,  Hunter Valley or Central Coast areas.

A fence contractor is a person or organisation who has a licence which shows they are qualified to undertake fence installation services. They can generally also inspect, maintain, and repair fences. Different contractors may offer services that vary from others according to the type of fencing service they focus on.

It is important to look out for certain pitfalls before you sign on a fence contractor as not all are necessarily the same. Be sure to check whether they are qualified and experienced to do the job you require. They should also be up to date on regulations, the latest materials and local legal fencing requirements for the area you live in.

2. What does a CDA fencing contractor do?

When you call CDA fencing Maitland you will speak directly with an estimator who will arrange to give you a quote for your fence installation.

CDA is a family owned and run business serving at a local level yet we have conctractors who are also experienced in much bigger teams.

Your estimator will go through the details of what fencing you’re after, then get a first hand look at your premises to work out with you the most suitable approach and what work needs to be done. Once they have taken appropriate measurements and had a first-hand inspection of the area, they’ll be able to give you a quote and any advice or design recommendations if needed.

Your local CDA Fencing contractor will be able to help you understand your local council fencing requirements and what impact they may have on your plans.

Once you have determined your plans, you will be given a time estimate for your fence installation. Our Fencing contractors will bring all the materials they require to the the site. They will also be sure to clean up the area when they have finished installing the fence. All you will need to do is to enjoy your new secure and stunning fence.

3. Do I need a licensed fencing contractor in NSW?

Undertaking fencing or any other residential building work in NSW, where the materials and labour are valued at more than $5000 (incl GST) requires you to have a fencing license.

In this context, fencing means putting up gates and fences within or on property boundary lines, regardless of what materials the gates and fences are made from.

There other categories of licence which also allow you to do some types of fencing work, for example:

Carpentry includes timber, metal and prefabricated glass fencing; Metal fabrication includes metal fencing; Stonemasonry includes stonemasonry fencing and Bricklaying includes brick fencing

4. Tips for choosing a Maitland fencing contractor

a) Does the fencing contractor use quality fencing materials?

Whether you are trying to install a Colorbond fence, wood fence, rural fencealuminium fencechainwire fence or other type of fence it is important to consider the quality of the fence materials that the contractor will use. Ask them about the quality and life expectancy of the materials they plan to use. If you have a skilled contractor but more materials then your new fence will not last as long and may not do the job you would like it to do.

b) Does the fence contractor offer competitive pricing?

In general you get what you pay for and it is often worth paying for quality. However some fencing and contractors may over price their services if there is strong demand. At CDA fencing we offer quality fence installations at great value. Call us for a fencing estimate and you will find that our costs are lower than our competitors.

c) Can the fence contractor complete the work within your desired time frame?

You will need to consider when you need your fence installation completed by. It’s possible you may need to compromise to some extent if your contractor is busy but the installation date will still need to be something that suits you.

d) Is the fence contractor licensed and insured?

As we noted above in NSW if the fencing work is over $5000 then you will need to have a licenced contractor. That contractor may have a licence in a related area such as carpentry provided their expertise is in the type of fence they are installing.You need to check that your fencing contractor not only has a licence but also has a certificate which proves they are insured.

e) Will you be able to relate well with these fencing contractors?

Some people are just difficult to work with, even if they are good at other aspects of their job. It’s important to hire a fence contractor that you will be able to work well with because inevitably there will be issues that come up during the job that need to be discussed and if you have a contractor you can relate well with, it will make this process so much easier.

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Glass Pool Fence

CDA Fencing installed a glass pool safety fence for us. Not a simple or straightforward project but Dan and his tradesmen done a terrific job in trying conditions. Highly recommend CDA fencing to anyone needing this type of work done.

Peter Johns

Five stars!

Colleen H

Professional job

Absolutely fantastic service, I would 100% recommend them. Professional job.

Paul Maurice