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A fence made of COLORBOND® steel will make a strong, secure and beautiful addition to your home or business property.

COLORBOND®  fencing is growing in popularity throughout Australia including in Maitland, Greater Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area.

If you are not familiar with colorbond fencing, allow us to answer some questions you may have:

What exactly is Colorbond fencing?

Colorbond fencing (sometimes spelled incorrectly as colourbond fencing) gets it’s name from COLORBOND® steel which it is made from. Colorbond is made to Australian standards and pre-painted in a choice of colours.

Colorbond, made by Bluescope steel has an inner base of Zincalume steel, which is then coated with a mix of zinc and aluminium to enable it to resist corrosion. It is then coated with a colour coating.

The sheets of Colorbond steel are then pressed into various profiles. Colorbond fencing is built with Colorbond panels, caps, posts and gates if needed.

Colorbond fencing has a number of practical advantages:

  1. It is very resistant to corrosion
  2. It cleans easily – all it generally needs is an occasional light hose.
  3. It is fireproof and can serve as a barrier against bushfires.
  4. Colorbond is termite-proof.
  5. It does not rot
  6. Colorbond improves security as well as privacy
  7. It is available in a variety of colours and styles.
  8. Installation is generally quicker and easier than other fencing systmes due to its modular style
  9. Colorbond is generally cheaper than other fencing systems

How much does Colorbond fencing cost?

Colorbond fencing varies, depending on the style and size of each panel. Other costs you need to factor in include fixings, post caps and cement. When considering the overall cost of the fence there are a variety of factors to take into account, so talk to a professional at CDA fencing to find out more.

As we already mentioned, Colorbond fencing can be cheaper to have installed by a fence professional than some other types of fencing. If you ask us for a quote, we can work it out taking into account the needs of you and your property.

Installation may cost more if your property  slopes or if the soil is very soft and requires more concrete or is very rocky and needs more work installing posts.

If you compare our prices you will find that we give the best price on Colorbond anywhere in Maitland, Greater Newcastle or the Hunter Valley area, give us a call to find out more today.

Some people might consider that these fences are easier to install so it is better to do it yourself. Could you go and buy panels at the store and install the fence on your own? The answer to that question is obviously yes. However, by doing that you could be putting your own investment at risk. Your installation will most likely not look as good and if it fails in anyway you may even lose money by causing damage to the fence or other property or devaluing your investment.  If you allow us to install it we can assure you that we are going to be doing things the right way.

The answer to this question will depend on your own needs, preferences and circumstances. However it is worth reinforcing that the strength and durability of COLORBOND® steel does well in Australia’s often harsh climate.

Made to withstand wind, heat, and the test of time, your COLORBOND® Steel fence will maintain its appearance and live on year after year.

So, if you choose a fence made from COLORBOND® steel; it can enhance the privacy and security of your home for years to come.

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CDA Fencing installed a glass pool safety fence for us. Not a simple or straightforward project but Dan and his tradesmen done a terrific job in trying conditions. Highly recommend CDA fencing to anyone needing this type of work done.

Peter Johns

Five stars!

Colleen H

Professional job

Absolutely fantastic service, I would 100% recommend them. Professional job.

Paul Maurice

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